Access to Education

If South Carolina is to remain competitive for future economic development and investment, then our students from all 46 counties must be ready to compete. We must have a multifaceted system, anchored by traditional public schools and public charter schools boasting the best teachers, principals and technologies.

  • I believe the Superintendent of Education should be a cabinet-level position appointed by the governor to bring accountability to our education system. I am happy to report that the General Assembly recently approved this proposal, and South Carolinians will have the chance to vote on it November 6th.
  • Teachers cannot teach and students cannot learn when distracted or threatened. By the end of my first term, I want to see a trained, certified police officer in every school, in every district – all day, every day – to prevent against tragedy.
  • Spiraling administrative costs have a direct impact on educational outcomes. As governor, I will consolidate small districts to reduce costs, limit duplication and put more money and resources where they belong: into the classrooms and with teachers.
  • We must align our educational system with the technological necessities of the new economy. As governor, I will push for new teachers for coding and computer science classroom instruction in every school in the state.
  • Robust charter schools allow parents to choose the best educational opportunities for their children. We need more of them, and more transportation options to better facilitate school choice.
  • Recruiting new jobs and economic investment will do more to improve educational opportunity than simply sending more money from Columbia. When a school district prospers, the schools in that district prosper.

I am also honored to have been endorsed by a coalition of educators from across the state.

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