As VP Harris Visits, Does Joe Cunningham Agree with Joe Biden?

September 19, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — Joe Cunningham, endorsed by Joe Biden, and President
Biden, endorsed by Joe Cunningham, have both had a hard time taking a clear
position on the Biden Administration’s inflation law. As Vice President Kamala
Harris visits South Carolina, will Joe Cunningham appear with Vice President
Harris and finally take a position?

Neither of them can get on message.

Last week, President Joe Biden celebrated the new inflation law as “the single
most important legislation passed in Congress to combat inflation.”

But last night, under questioning from a 60 Minutes reporter, the president
essentially admitted the law is not doing anything about inflation.

As the 60 Minutes anchor said, “It’s the highest rate, Mr. President, in 40

Joe Cunningham has not been any clearer about his position on the Biden
inflation law. The Democrat nominee for governor has evaded questions about
where he stands for weeks.

According to one report: “Cunningham did not take a stance on the federal
legislation touted by the Biden administration and Democrats in Washington.”
(The State, 9/11/2022)

According to another: “Cunningham did not say whether he would have voted
for the measure if he were still in Congress…” (The State, 8/12/2022)

“Joe Biden thinks, despite record inflation, his signature law is working, but Joe
Cunningham continues to dodge the question,” said McMaster-Evette
campaign manager Mark Knoop. “As Vice President Kamala Harris visits South
Carolina, let’s put it to him again. Does Joe Cunningham believe the Inflation
Reduction Act is a good policy? Does he believe it is working? Will he visit with
the Vice President in South Carolina to discuss the law?”

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