McMaster for Governor Campaign Announces Statewide Educators Coalition

October 25, 2018

Coalition Chaired by Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman

COLUMBIA – Today, the McMaster for Governor campaign announced a coalition of educators from across the state who have endorsed the McMaster-Evette ticket. (more…)

Bombshell Report: James Smith blacklisted by Veterans Affairs for selling his disabled-vet status

October 22, 2018

Brand new reporting today shows that James Smith used his disabled-veteran status to run a fraudulent pass-through business, profiting off of millions of dollars in contracts from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Read the reports below: (more…)

RSLC Adds Pamela Evette to 18 in ’18: Races to Watch

October 18, 2018

COLUMBIA – Today, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC)  announced that lieutenant governor nominee Pamela Evette has been added to their “18 in ’18: Races to Watch” list, comprised of candidates who have been identified as “rising stars who will champion conservative policies while representing the full diversity of the nation.” (more…)

We have the receipts….

October 11, 2018

Smith was for Bernie’s health care plan before he was (apparently) against it

James Smith is running–not walking–away from his previous support of Bernie Sanders’ $32 trillion “Medicare for All” health care plan and the socialist’s political group that has endorsed him. (more…)

McMaster for Governor Campaign Announces Veterans Coalition

October 10, 2018

Coalition Co-Chaired by Adjutant General Bob Livingston & Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Jim Livingston

COLUMBIA – Today, the McMaster for Governor campaign announced a coalition of veterans from across the state who have endorsed Henry McMaster in his re-election campaign. In addition to the strong backing from veterans, the governor also announced an initial list of legislative priorities for the upcoming year, which resulted from the governor’s Veterans Policy Advisory Committee. Click here to read the report, and see below for excerpts from today’s remarks and a list of coalition members. (more…)

James Smith: Reactionary and Wrong

September 19, 2018

Smith’s “childish, middle school finger pointing” comes back to bite him

Element Electronics announcement that it received an exemption from tariffs yesterday left James Smith with egg on his face–again.

When James initially used Element’s potential woes in attempt to score political points, Fairfield Senator Mike Fanning–a Democrat–criticized his antics, calling the decision to use vulnerable jobs as a press conference prop to score political points “childish, middle school finger pointing.” Fanning went on to praise Governor McMaster as the “single, most-ready partner” to bring jobs to Fairfield County, where Element is based. (more…)

James Smith Getting Cozy with Clinton BFF Terry McAuliffe

September 5, 2018

James Smith tapped 2020 liberal Democrat hopeful Terry McAuliffe to headline a swanky DC fundraiser for his campaign last night.

The former governor of Virginia has, by his own admission, been “best friends” with Bill and Hillary Clinton–who called 55% of South Carolinians backwards–for more than three decades and has taken family vacations with them for years. (more…)

How would James Smith pay for $32 Trillion “Medicare for All”?

July 30, 2018

“That’s Trillion with a ‘T'”

This morning, the Mercatus Center released a new study that shows the socialist “Medicare for All” plan gaining mainstream Democrat support is projected to cost taxpayers $32 trillion.

Out of touch much?

July 20, 2018

Smith hires Hillary Clinton staffer, gun control activist

Last month it was Dems in Disarray, with reports that James Smith was losing his top two campaign staffers–cycling through his third campaign manager. (more…)

Henry McMaster wins GOP gubernatorial primary runoff race vs. Warren

June 26, 2018

By: Tanita Gaither, Digital Content Manager
Full article here

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – After two weeks of campaign ads, a debate, and an election eve rally from President Donald Trump, the Associated Press has called the GOP gubernatorial primary runoff race for the incumbent Henry McMaster over Upstate businessman John Warren.

“Our team, ladies and gentleman right now, extends from the White House to the state house to your house,” said McMaster. “And that’s the most powerful team there is!” (more…)

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