McMaster-Evette Campaign Releases Two New TV Ads

October 25, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — The McMaster-Evette campaign unveiled two new 30-second television ads today entitled, “Sacred Duty” and “Common Sense.” 


Sacred Duty touts South Carolina’s unparalleled natural resources and treasures – from the Upstate to the Lowcountry, and the governor’s commitment to protecting those.

Watch the ad here:

The ad script is as follows:

GOV. McMASTER: People across our country envy the natural beauty of South Carolina.

Protecting our environment, our coast, rivers, marshes, and mountains… that’s my sacred duty as your Governor.

Protecting the paradise that is South Carolina – keeping her economy strong – and the people safe… well, that’s my job.

Politics often divides us but clean air and water, that brings people together and we could all use a little of that right now.

Governor McMaster has been a steady hand at the wheel, standing up to the Cunningham-Biden woke crowd from Washington, to protect our state, because that’s his job. 

Watch the ad here:

The ad script is as follows:

GOV. McMASTER: I’ll tell you Peggy, that woke crowd in Washington has lost all common sense.
They think getting rid of police will stop crime and that government spending will stop inflation.
FIRST LADY PEGGY McMASTER: And they’re letting men into women’s sports.
GOV. McMASTER: They sent stimulus checks to violent criminals in prison and now they’re adding 80,000 new IRS agents to squeeze money out of people.
FIRST LADY PEGGY McMASTER: Can’t even define the word “woman.” That’s crazy.
GOV. McMASTER: As long as I’m governor, crazy won’t happen here.

McMaster Re-election Campaign to Report Record Breaking Fundraising Effort

October 24, 2022

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Momentum continues to build in the final weeks of Governor Henry McMaster’s re-election campaign. Today, the campaign announced a record-setting fundraising total of more than $2,100,000, with the election just two weeks away. Ninety percent of the quarter’s 3,385 contributions are from South Carolina.

The fundraising total for the quarter is more than the McMaster-Evette campaign has raised in any single quarter, it has allowed the governor to remind voters of the achievements of the past six years, and it provides his team with the ability to reach voters in every part of the state in the closing days of the campaign.

“Governor McMaster has delivered for the people of South Carolina,” said McMaster-Evette campaign spokesman Brandon Charochak. “Thanks to the governor’s hard work, the people of the state are responding – thanking him for his work, whether it is keeping businesses open during COVID or fighting for pay raises for teachers and law enforcement – and making sure he has the resources needed to tell the story of what this work has meant.”

For the 2022 cycle, the McMaster-Evette campaign has raised more than $7,629,000 – and has more than $2,063,000 cash on hand.

McMaster-Evette Campaign Unveils Latest TV Ad “No Joe”

October 14, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — The McMaster-Evette campaign unveiled a new 30-second television ad today entitled, “No Joe.”

The ad highlights the Cunningham-Biden-Pelosi record on crime that has made communities, businesses and families less safe.

“There is only one candidate in this race who has been endorsed by almost 70 percent of the state’s sheriffs, been a true partner with law enforcement, and put criminals behind bars as a prosecutor, and that is Henry McMaster,” said Brandon Charochak, McMaster-Evette spokesman. “Joe Cunningham and Joe Biden are too weak to stand up to Washington Democrats and too soft to protect our communities. We need a governor we can trust to keep us safe, and who law enforcement can rely on to have their backs, and thankfully we have one in Henry McMaster.”

Watch the ad here:

The ad script is as follows:

Violence is sweeping the nation because Biden and the Liberals in Congress are soft on crime. They coddle criminals with deadly results.

Take Joe Cunningham for instance, when Senator Tim Scott tried to pass common-sense reforms supported by police, Joe Cunningham did nothing.

Instead, Joe Cunningham and Joe Biden supported Nancy Pelosi’s anti-police, soft on crime bill.

Cunningham voted almost 90% with Pelosi and endorsed Biden.

To make us safer, say no to Joe. Both of them.


Joe Cunningham: Broken Campaign Finance Promises

October 11, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC —  Liberal Democrat Joe Cunningham said last week, in a news story about his opaque tax returns, “But I’ve never taken a dime from…special interests, I’m beholden to no one but the people of the state.”

This recycled idea is something Joe is known for promising – but not delivering on.

In 2018, he took to Facebook and wrote, “Lobbyists and corporations have had a stranglehold over American politics for far too long. That’s why I’m not taking their money. In Congress, I will be accountable to you and you alone.”

But Cunningham has received at least $81,422 from lobbyists. (Center For Responsive Politics, Accessed 6/26/21).

“The hallmark of a liberal Washington politician is hypocrisy, and Joe Cunningham is a hypocrite of the highest order,” said Mark Knoop, McMaster-Evette campaign manager. “He promised not to take money from lobbyists and special interests, but he did it anyway – and he never apologized to the grassroots activists he promised would propel his campaign. If we can’t trust Joe to keep campaign promises, how can we trust him at all?”

McMaster-Evette Campaign Unveils New TV Ad “Thank You”

October 7, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — The McMaster-Evette campaign unveiled a new 30-second television ad today entitled, “Thank You.”

Watch the ad here:

The ad script is as follows:

NARRATOR: You are about to see rare footage of Joe Cunningham telling the truth.

JOE CUNNINGHAM: Governor McMaster, I want to thank you for being a leader on this issue from the get go.

You know, you said “the hell with politics, I’m going to do what’s right for my state.”

And I think that’s something that should be truly commended because it takes a true leader and statesman to do that. 

I think I speak for all of South Carolina when I say, thank you, thank you so much

Cut Taxes? Voters Don’t Know if Joe Cunningham Pays Taxes

October 3, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC —  Democrat candidate for governor Joe Cunningham’s campaign recently discussed tax policy with a reporter. Even as Governor Henry McMaster signed the largest tax cut in history, the article pointed out, Cunningham is “pledging to out-cut Republicans on taxes.”

There is one big problem: Cunningham is running around talking about cutting taxes without releasing tax returns and revealing precisely how he generates income and supports his family.

“Cut taxes? The voters don’t even know if Joe pays taxes,” said McMaster-Evette campaign manager Mark Knoop.

Last month, the governor released tax returns to members of the media. Release of these returns keeps up the tradition of the governor, and major party candidates for the state’s highest office, showing voters what they do for a living. The governor previously released tax returns dating all the way back to 2000 – an unprecedented level of transparency.

At the time, Cunningham promised to release his tax returns. But more than two weeks later, there is still no word from Cunningham on when voters will see who pays him and what they pay him for.

“Two weeks is more than enough time for Joe Cunningham to come clean. He should, once and for all, release his tax returns,” said Knoop. “The voters deserve to know what potential conflicts of interest he has, who pays him, and what he is paid to do. Anything less than quickly producing tax returns dating back, at least, to 2017, when he first started running for office, raises more questions than answers about a guy who appears to have spent more time campaigning than working over the last half-decade.”

Bipartisan Coalition of Law Enforcement Officials Endorses McMaster for Re-election

September 28, 2022

COLUMBIA, S.C. – A bipartisan coalition of law enforcement officials and solicitors from across the state – including 32 sheriffs and 10 solicitors – today endorsed Governor Henry McMaster for re-election. Praising the governor’s record of partnering with law enforcement and prosecutors, the coalition pledged to fight alongside the governor for another term to keep communities and families safe.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said, “Governor McMaster’s experience as a prosecutor makes him the kind of uncommonly strong partner we can trust to help us do our jobs. From fighting for law enforcement protective gear to law enforcement pay raises, we could not ask for more from a governor, and that is why we support him in this campaign.”

This week, the governor announced his public safety priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Those priorities include:

  • Closing the revolving door for violent criminals.
  • Keeping illegal guns away from criminals and juveniles.
  • Reforming the magistrate process by raising qualifications, and making the process transparent and accountable.

Since taking office, the governor has made supporting law enforcement and public safety a focus. As governor, McMaster initiated a compensation analysis of all law enforcement positions at all state agencies. Based on the study’s recommendations, the latest budget provides $40 million in new dollars for law enforcement recruitment and retention pay raises, salary adjustments and additional benefits because these public servants deserve it.
The governor called for, and the General Assembly appropriated, $20 million to fund a body camera and protective vest grant program at the Department of Public Safety for local and county law enforcement agencies.

Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said, “Unlike his opponent, Governor Henry McMaster has a proven record of standing beside law enforcement and putting criminals behind bars, as a former prosecutor. I’m proud to support Governor Henry McMaster.”
As violence in schools took the lives of students across the country, Governor McMaster acted to protect communities and schools.
Under the leadership of Gov. McMaster, South Carolina is putting Student Resource Officers in every school. The governor had the bold vision to use his 2018 State of the State address to call for SROs in every school, all day, every day. Since then, the number of SROs in schools has more than doubled: from an SRO in 406 out of the state’s 1,283 schools to 982.

“I am overwhelmed to have the support of the men and women in uniform who sacrifice each and every day as they protect communities across South Carolina,” said Gov. McMaster. “We owe them a debt of gratitude we can never truly repay. But what we can do is make sure they have what they need to do their jobs, and that is what I will always do as governor.”
Henry McMaster has unique insight into what makes the partnership between the state’s top executive and law enforcement work after having served as the most effective attorney general in South Carolina history.

As attorney general, Henry McMaster prosecuted violent criminals, including those who prey on children, and he put them in prison. He also established an innovative program in which he enlisted volunteer attorneys to prosecute domestic abusers, to help tackle the CDV backlog. The state’s conviction rate for domestic violence rose from 38% to 68% thanks to the vision and work of Attorney General McMaster. The attorney general also successfully prosecuted the largest white-collar securities fraud case – Carolina Investors/HomeGold – in state history, securing six indictments and six convictions.

Below is a full list of law enforcement officials who today endorsed the McMaster-Evette campaign:

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott
Horry County Sheriff Phillip E. Thompson
McCormick County Sheriff Clarke Stearns
Abbeville County Sheriff Ray Watson
Clarendon County Sheriff Tim Baxley
Aiken County Sheriff Michael E. Hunt
Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride
Barnwell County Sheriff Steven W. Griffith
Colleton County Sheriff Guerry Lee “Buddy” Hill
Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis
Saluda County Sheriff Joshua S. “Josh” Price
Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright
Calhoun County Sheriff Thomas Summers
Greenwood County Sheriff Dennis Kelly
Dorchester County Sheriff L.C. Knight
Berkley County Sheriff Duane Lewis
Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster
Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark
Beaufort County Sheriff PJ Tanner
Fairfield County Sheriff Will Montgomery
Marion County Sheriff Brian Wallace
15th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Jimmy A. Richardson III
16th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Kevin S. Brackett

Cherokee County Sheriff Steve  Mueller
Chester County Sheriff D. Max Dorsey
Edgefield County Sheriff Jody P. Rowland
Florence County Sheriff Thomas B. “TJ” Joye
Georgetown County Sheriff Carter Weaver
Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile
Laurens County Sheriff Don Reynolds
Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw
Kershaw County Sheriff Lee Boan
Lexington County Sheriff Bryan “Jay” Koon
York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson
2nd Judicial Circuit  Solicitor Bill Weeks
6th Judicial Circuit  Solicitor Randy E.  Newman Jr.
7th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Barry J. Barnette
8th Judicial Circuit Solicitor David M. Stumbo
9th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson
10th Judicial Circuit Solicitor David R. Wagner Jr.
11th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Rick Hubbard III
14th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Duffie Stone III

10 Questions for Joe Cunningham

September 26, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC —  The McMaster-Evette campaign released the following top 10 list of questions for Joe Cunningham to answer. 

Happy Monday!

10: Joe Cunningham is from Kentucky. Is he a Louisville guy or a UK guy?

9: Joe Cunningham was named Charleston’s “Best Progressive.” Why doesn’t Joe brag about this award more often?

8: When Joe Cunningham ran for Congress, he promised not to take money from lobbyists. So why did he do it anyway?

7: What is Joe Cunningham’s position on the Biden college debt forgiveness scheme?

6: Joe Biden endorsed Joe Cunningham. Joe Cunningham endorsed Joe Biden. Why doesn’t he consider it part of his job to defend Joe Biden, his fellow Democrat and the leader of his own party?

5: Joe Cunningham voted with Nancy Pelosi 88 percent of the time in Congress. What was his favorite vote?

4: Why didn’t Joe Cunningham appear with Vice President Kamala Harris when she visited South Carolina last week?

3: Once and for all: What is Joe Cunningham’s position on the Biden inflation law?

2: TikTok or Reels?

1: Where in the world are Joe Cunningham’s tax returns?

Where is Joe Cunningham?

September 20, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — Vice President Kamala Harris visits South Carolina today,
and there is all the reason in the world to expect Democrats to celebrate her

After all, she is the second most powerful and famous Democrat in the country –
and she has a brand new Biden inflation law to brag about, among other issues
to discuss.

So, what time will she appear with Democratic nominee for governor Joe
Cunningham? Good question. The Biden Administration candidate for governor
has been dead silent about what his plans are for the vice president’s visit.

“Even though he endorsed Biden, not long after embracing an endorsement
from Biden, Joe Cunningham consistently runs and hides from questions about
disastrous Biden policies,” said McMaster-Evette campaign manager Mark
Knoop. “But today’s question should be easier. With the vice president in town:
where is Joe?”

As VP Harris Visits, Does Joe Cunningham Agree with Joe Biden?

September 19, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — Joe Cunningham, endorsed by Joe Biden, and President
Biden, endorsed by Joe Cunningham, have both had a hard time taking a clear
position on the Biden Administration’s inflation law. As Vice President Kamala
Harris visits South Carolina, will Joe Cunningham appear with Vice President
Harris and finally take a position?

Neither of them can get on message.

Last week, President Joe Biden celebrated the new inflation law as “the single
most important legislation passed in Congress to combat inflation.”

But last night, under questioning from a 60 Minutes reporter, the president
essentially admitted the law is not doing anything about inflation.

As the 60 Minutes anchor said, “It’s the highest rate, Mr. President, in 40

Joe Cunningham has not been any clearer about his position on the Biden
inflation law. The Democrat nominee for governor has evaded questions about
where he stands for weeks.

According to one report: “Cunningham did not take a stance on the federal
legislation touted by the Biden administration and Democrats in Washington.”
(The State, 9/11/2022)

According to another: “Cunningham did not say whether he would have voted
for the measure if he were still in Congress…” (The State, 8/12/2022)

“Joe Biden thinks, despite record inflation, his signature law is working, but Joe
Cunningham continues to dodge the question,” said McMaster-Evette
campaign manager Mark Knoop. “As Vice President Kamala Harris visits South
Carolina, let’s put it to him again. Does Joe Cunningham believe the Inflation
Reduction Act is a good policy? Does he believe it is working? Will he visit with
the Vice President in South Carolina to discuss the law?”

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