Crickets from Cunningham as Biden Celebrates Inflation Law

September 14, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — Days after Democrat Joe Cunningham took his TikTok campaign for social media stardom to a NASCAR race, Joe Biden took a victory lap in Washington in honor of his new inflation law.

As President Biden spoke, the CNN anchor covering the event cautioned, “There is this unfortunate split screen right now with the Dow taking a total beating…so it feels like it’s hard to be celebratory.”

Cunningham, who endorsed Biden for president after Biden endorsed him for Congress, was, of course, hiding from the Biden inflation law celebration.

The Democrat nominee for governor has evaded questions about where he stands on the so-called Inflation Reduction Act for weeks.

Over the weekend, The State newspaper reported, “Cunningham did not take a stance on the federal legislation touted by the Biden administration and Democrats in Washington.” (The State, 9/11/2022)

In August, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham also specifically called on McMaster’s Democratic opponent, former 1st District Congressman Joe Cunningham, to go on record on whether he supports it. Cunningham dodged the senator.

And instead of simply taking a position on the law, during a media availability at a Columbia brewery, an obviously frustrated Cunningham snapped, “I’m not in Congress anymore.” (ABC Columbia, 8/26/2022)

“A significant part of the job Joe Cunningham is campaigning for includes taking on the challenges of bad federal policy like the Biden inflation law, but Joe Cunningham does not respect the voters enough to tell them what his position is on it – or on other bad policy conceived by his Democrat colleagues in Washington,” said McMaster-Evette campaign manager Mark Knoop. “Voters deserve better. The silence from Joe Cunningham on this signature Democratic issue is deafening.” 

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