Gov. Henry McMaster hosts First Annual S.C. Vietnam War Veterans Day

March 30, 2018

Cola Daily

By: Terry Ward

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Vietnam veterans were thanked and honored Thursday.

Gov. Henry McMaster in front of a crowd of veterans spoke at the first annual South Carolina Vietnam War Veterans Day at the South Carolina State House. U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson was also on hand for the event, along with many other dignitaries, including S.C. Adjutant General Bob Livingston.

“I want to thank all here, and those not here, who have participated mightily and in great sacrifice in making this the greatest country in the history of the world,” said McMaster. “There’s no doubt about it, and with the kind of strength and determination that has been exhibited by those here and others who are not here, we will remain in that position. This world cannot exist peacefully without a strong United States, and the United States cannot be strong without strong people who are willing to fight when the time comes”…

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