Governor McMaster: The Clear Winner in Tonight’s Debate

October 26, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — Governor McMaster was the clear winner in tonight’s gubernatorial debate, and people are taking notice. 

Governor McMaster touted his accomplishments during his time as governor, including historic income tax cuts, pay raises for police and teachers, and standing up to Washington. 

Meanwhile, Joe Cunningham made it clear he is just another Biden-Pelosi Democrat that will do and say anything to get elected. 

South Carolina’s top policymakers agree that Governor McMaster has put South Carolina first and will continue to do so: 

“Governor McMaster is not only the clear victor in tonight’s debate – but also the proven choice to best lead our state and it’s people. Thanks to Governor McMaster’s leadership, South Carolina is seeing unprecedented economic success and generating historic investments, all while remaining a staunch advocate for the values our citizens treasure most. South Carolina’s best days are ahead of her – with Henry McMaster leading the way,” said S.C. Speaker of the House Murrell Smith

“Hardworking families have a champion in Governor Henry McMaster, and he reminded us why in tonight’s debate, which he won. Governor McMaster is recruiting jobs, cutting taxes, and investing in education – and the best is yet to come. South Carolina cannot afford to sacrifice the progress we have made under Governor McMaster, who will stand up to Washington and fight for us, and that is exactly what would happen if Joe Cunningham were elected governor,” said S.C. House Majority Leader David Hiott

“There is no doubt who won the debate tonight, and that is our Governor Henry McMaster. Washington is out of control because of the reckless, spending policies that Biden Democrats push down on the states and Cunningham agrees with these ideas. As our governor says, we do things different and better in South Carolina, and, under the leadership of Henry McMaster, we will continue to,” said S.C. Senator Katrina Shealy

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