ICYMI: Governor Henry McMaster on Fox & Friends

April 27, 2018

COLUMBIA – In case you missed it, this morning Governor Henry McMaster appeared on Fox & Friends with Ainsley Earhardt to discuss the success South Carolina is enjoying under his administration and the benefits of President Trump’s tax cuts and business-friendly policies.

AINSLEY EARHARDT: Americans across the country are benefiting from President Trump’s tax cuts, and here in South Carolina it is no different. Joining us now with how his state is benefiting from the historic cuts, is South Carolina’s Governor Henry McMaster. What a pleasure governor, thank you so much. You have a lot of supporters behind you, look at all these signs [Cheering] What day is the primary?

GOV. HENRY MCMASTER: June 12th. Tuesday.

EARHARDT: So when Nikki Haley became the ambassador, you were her lieutenant governor. You instantly became governor, and now you’re running again.

MCMASTER: That’s right

EARHARDT: Alright, well how’s it looking?

MCMASTER: It’s looking real good. Everybody’s wanting to get into the act. We got a lot of candidates all across the state for a lot of offices, but it’s because the economy is growing. Donald Trump has had an enormous positive effect on the spirit and the hopes of people here. Big companies are giving raises. When he announced his tax cut big companies were giving raises and giving bonuses and the enthusiasm was all over the place. This state is on the way up.

EARHARDT: You saw this. You were the first politician in the country to endorse Donald Trump, weren’t you?

MCMASTER: That’s what they tell me. And it was lonely for a while.

EARHARDT: Right, right.

MCMASTER: But it quickly filled up, and we’re just delighted with what he’s doing. I support him one hundred percent—he’s endorsed me in this race and I support him one hundred percent. He’s made an enormous impact on the country, and he’s just getting started.

EARHARDT: Give me some specifics about how the tax cuts are helping South Carolinians.

MCMASTER: Well, it’s giving them hope. They know that were now on the right track. The taxes are not going to keep going up that they are going to start going down. We know that trade is going to improve, we know that there will be jobs. When you have prosperity a lot of problems go way, drug problems go away, crime problems diminish, domestic problems diminish, and that’s what’s happening in South Carolina. And it’s taken us a while to get here, but we are really on a roll now.

EARHARDT: And when jobs are good in South Carolina, they’re good for the entire country. Tell folks at home what industries are here in South Carolina.

MCMASTER: Oh gosh, we’ve got Samsung just arrived, that’s one of the finest companies in the world. Boeing has been here for a number of years. BMW came back in the nineties. Schaeffler’s here, Continental’s here, Michelin’s here, Bridgestone Firestone’s here.

EARHARDT: Thirty percent of the tires are made here, right?

MCMASTER: Thirty percent of the tires exported from the U.S. are made here.

EARHARDT: How quickly are they making BMWs?

MCMASTER: BMW is in Greenville, South Carolina. A new BMW is popping off the line every 61.7 seconds, and BMW is expanding—that’s their biggest plant in the country.

EARHARDT: That’s amazing, wow.

MCMASTER: It’s wonderful, and the people of South Carolina are special. All of these companies that come here, the executives that I speak to, they say there are a lot of reasons they come here: the research universities, the great technical college system, the rivers, the mountains, the great port of Charleston, but the main thing is the people. They say that this is a handshake state, when somebody in South Carolina gives you their word and shakes your hand you can take it to the bank.

EARHARDT: Your word is as good as oak.

MCMASTER: That’s right.

EARHARDT: The accents are pretty good too


EARHARDT: Thanks Governor. Love the southern accent.

MCMASTER: My pleasure.


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