ICYMI: Henry McMaster Talks About His Work As Governor & Plans for South Carolina’s Future

May 10, 2018

COLUMBIA – Yesterday, Governor Henry McMaster joined “Upstate Live” with Joey Hudson on 94.5 The Answer to discuss what he’s accomplished as governor and his plans to cut taxes and regulations, increase accountability, fix our roads, and fight for ratepayers. Listen to his full interview and read excerpts below.


On increasing accountability…

“It would be wonderful, I think, if the governor had more power over appointments and removals in all the agencies and all the appointments that go on in the state. Because what happens now, Joey, is there’s just no accountability.”

On fixing the roads…

“I’ve told everybody, in the Highway Commission, in the Department, all of them, that we’re going to follow the rules. We’re going to set priorities for the roads, we’re going to spend this tax money on the roads. You know, Joey, the $623 million that was coming in before–this was before we raised the gas tax, which I opposed because it wasn’t necessary to raise it–all we needed to do was to spend the money that was coming in on the roads. About half of that money that was coming in was either not going to the roads at all, or was going to roads that were not priorities. So we’re not going to do that anymore. And I’ve made it clear that if that happens, if I see it, if we’re not following the recommendations of the engineers and those who study these things in the local governments, then we’re going to have people being removed and I’ll put somebody else in there.”

On cutting taxes and regulation…

“Sometimes it seems that legislatures–not only ours, but in Washington–it seems all they want to do is tax and spend. They seem to think that the only answer to a problem is putting more money on it. Well that’s not the answer. I know that taxes and regulations can kill a business. They stifle competition, they stifle innovation. I want to cut taxes, all of them, to the bone.”

On VC Summer and Santee Cooper…

“I’ll tell you what’s happened with the Office of Regulatory Staff over the years, and the Public Service Commission. The Legislature again has weakened those bodies and their ability to control these sorts of situations. What we ended up having was a bunch of lap dogs where we should’ve had bulldogs…

“The customers who are buying power from these monopolies–that’s Santee Cooper, as well as SCANA–should not have to pay a single dime, not another dime, for those two reactors that in all appearances they’re not going to get. I do not understand why the Legislature is debating the question of whether those customers should have to pay any more money, any more fees, on those reactors they’re not going to get. The answer is what they’re going to pay in the future for things they’re not going to get, for reactors they’re not going to get, which is zero. It ought to be zero, and I’ll veto anything other than zero. And they need to get their money back.”



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