James Smith Getting Cozy with Clinton BFF Terry McAuliffe

September 5, 2018

James Smith tapped 2020 liberal Democrat hopeful Terry McAuliffe to headline a swanky DC fundraiser for his campaign last night.

The former governor of Virginia has, by his own admission, been “best friends” with Bill and Hillary Clinton–who called 55% of South Carolinians backwards–for more than three decades and has taken family vacations with them for years.

In fact, Terry and the Clintons are so close that he and Hillary’s brother, Tony Rodham, together faced a $17 million fraud lawsuit from investors in their company, Greentech Automotive. McAuliffe was accused of running a pay to play scheme, promising citizenship to foreign investors in exchange for their investments.

In addition to his fondness for the Clintons, Terry is a gun control advocate with some extreme views, a topic that has plagued Smith who has tried to walk the tightrope of reassuring his base of his far-left views while dodging additional questions on his votes to restrict gun rights in the SC House.

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep, and James is cozying up to the most Clinton-loving, DC liberal in the swamp…


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