James Smith: Reactionary and Wrong

September 19, 2018

Smith’s “childish, middle school finger pointing” comes back to bite him

Element Electronics announcement that it received an exemption from tariffs yesterday left James Smith with egg on his face–again.

When James initially used Element’s potential woes in attempt to score political points, Fairfield Senator Mike Fanning–a Democrat–criticized his antics, calling the decision to use vulnerable jobs as a press conference prop to score political points “childish, middle school finger pointing.” Fanning went on to praise Governor McMaster as the “single, most-ready partner” to bring jobs to Fairfield County, where Element is based.

Since day one, the governor has maintained that we must be patient and let the trade negotiations play out, while also making clear that he has lobbied this Administration for exactly the type of exemption Element received.

In a recent op-ed, former Ambassador David Wilkins highlighted the governor’s effective advocacy on behalf of South Carolina industry and jobs, and with yesterday’s exemption announcement, the proof is in the pudding.

Yesterday’s announcement proves just how wrong James Smith was in his knee-jerk reaction. While Henry McMaster is delivering results for South Carolina workers, James Smith’s demonstrated willingness to exploit potential job losses to score political points is not the leadership this state wants or needs.


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