McMaster Campaign Launches New Ad “Strong” Ahead of the Republican Primary

June 3, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — The McMaster Campaign is launching its first TV ad, titled “Strong”, ahead of the upcoming June 14 Republican Primary. The ad will be placed statewide on cable and network TV. 

As Americans face record gas prices, soaring costs for food and massive supply chain shortages under the Biden Administration, the McMaster-Evette ’22 campaign is offering a different direction.

In the ad, Governor McMaster said the following:

Washington has gone wild. Covid lockdowns, spending like there’s no tomorrow is driving the cost of gas, food, everything else through the roof.  Joe Biden and the woke crowd have lost their minds. In South Carolina we do things different.  When Covid hit, we kept our businesses and churches open to keep our economy and our people strong. I’m Governor Henry McMaster. Washington may be a mess but here in South Carolina, we’re doing it right.

Watch the new ad here:

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