McMaster-Evette Campaign Makes Statement on Joe Cunningham’s New Ad

May 23, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — McMaster-Evette Campaign Manager Mark Knoop today made the following statement about Joe Cunningham’s new campaign ad:

“Flanked by both South Carolina Democrat and Republican Party chairmen and a bipartisan group of lawmakers last week, Governor Henry McMaster signed into law one of the most secure election measures in the nation. Meanwhile, Joe Cunningham championed in a new ad a federal takeover of elections that would have removed voter ID laws and made elections less secure.

What’s more, Joe Cunningham wasn’t even in Congress to vote on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act in 2021. The hyper-partisan bill he did vote on was HR.1 in 2019, which would have been an unconstitutional overreach and federal takeover of elections. Once again, while Joe Cunningham has no idea what he’s talking about, South Carolina’s real leaders on both sides of the aisle just made it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”

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