McMaster-Evette Campaign Releases New Ad, “Limitless”

November 4, 2022

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The McMaster-Evette campaign unveiled a new ad today entitled, “Limitless.” 

The ad features Lieutenant Governor Pamela S. Evette discussing the future of South Carolina and the positive impact Governor McMaster’s COVID-19 response had on South Carolina’s students, families and businesses. 

Watch the ad here:

The script is as follows: 

 Lt. Governor Pamela S. Evette: “You know South Carolina is a proud business state and I think what it showed through COVID is that we walked the walk we talked. 

We allowed businesses to do what they do best, protect their employees. 

The governor put together the accelerateSC committee to give people confidence about coming out again. I was never so proud to sit with a governor that brought business to the table. 

So, as a business owner, as Lieutenant Governor, as a mom, I do not want Washington, D.C. reaching inside my business, reaching inside my classrooms, and reaching inside my home. 

If Washington would keep their hands out of our families, and our businesses, I think we can continue to grow like we did years ago. 

If we can harness all the energy and excitement that we have here in South Carolina, we’ll continue to grow.

What I want to see happen is really boundaries that are limitless for our children.”

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