McMaster-Evette Campaign Releases New Statewide TV Ad: “Not Here”

September 19, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — The McMaster-Evette campaign released a new 30-second television ad entitled, “Not Here.” 

The ad is scheduled to start running statewide on network and cable television today, Monday, September 19.

“Joe Cunningham and Joe Biden are cut from the same big government cloth,” said McMaster-Evette campaign manager Mark Knoop. “If Joe Cunningham is governor, there will be no bigger cheerleader for the Biden administration, and no one more willing to rollover for overreaching Washington Democrats. Governor McMaster has a proven record of fighting federal policies that are bad for our state and bad for our families, and we can count on him to never back down.”

Watch the ad here:

The ad script is as follows:

“It’s hard to find common ground these days. But one thing folks agree on: Washington is totally broken. 

In Washington, they spend money that doesn’t even exist. We don’t do that here.

In Washington, they try to defund the police. We don’t do that here.

“And they tried to close businesses and churches during COVID. Not here. 

I’m Henry McMaster. As long as I’m your governor, Washington will never happen here.”

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