McMaster-Evette Campaign Releases New TV Ad “Better Way”

November 1, 2022

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The McMaster-Evette campaign today released a new 30-second television ad entitled, “Better Way.” 

“When the pandemic hit, Governor McMaster chose the right path for South Carolina,” said McMaster-Evette Spokesman Brandon Charochak. “Fighting to keep businesses, churches and schools open made a difference for families, and set us on a course to thrive. The governor laid the groundwork to build on the administration’s record-setting economic momentum, and our best days are ahead.”

Watch the ad here:

The script is as follows: 

Governor McMaster: When the pandemic hit, experts in Washington told us to close our schools, businesses – even churches. 

They wanted us to shut down for two full years, but in South Carolina, we chose a better way.

People worked all their lives to build a business, to build a future, and our children only get to grow up once. 

Working together, we stayed open, we survived the storm, and thrived. In South Carolina, the best is yet to come.

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