McMaster-Evette Campaign Releases Two New TV Ads

October 25, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — The McMaster-Evette campaign unveiled two new 30-second television ads today entitled, “Sacred Duty” and “Common Sense.” 


Sacred Duty touts South Carolina’s unparalleled natural resources and treasures – from the Upstate to the Lowcountry, and the governor’s commitment to protecting those.

Watch the ad here:

The ad script is as follows:

GOV. McMASTER: People across our country envy the natural beauty of South Carolina.

Protecting our environment, our coast, rivers, marshes, and mountains… that’s my sacred duty as your Governor.

Protecting the paradise that is South Carolina – keeping her economy strong – and the people safe… well, that’s my job.

Politics often divides us but clean air and water, that brings people together and we could all use a little of that right now.

Governor McMaster has been a steady hand at the wheel, standing up to the Cunningham-Biden woke crowd from Washington, to protect our state, because that’s his job. 

Watch the ad here:

The ad script is as follows:

GOV. McMASTER: I’ll tell you Peggy, that woke crowd in Washington has lost all common sense.
They think getting rid of police will stop crime and that government spending will stop inflation.
FIRST LADY PEGGY McMASTER: And they’re letting men into women’s sports.
GOV. McMASTER: They sent stimulus checks to violent criminals in prison and now they’re adding 80,000 new IRS agents to squeeze money out of people.
FIRST LADY PEGGY McMASTER: Can’t even define the word “woman.” That’s crazy.
GOV. McMASTER: As long as I’m governor, crazy won’t happen here.

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