McMaster-Evette Campaign Statement on Cunningham Lt.
Governor Pick

August 1, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — The McMaster-Evette Campaign released the following
statement on Joe Cunningham’s pick for Lt. Governor:

“While we appreciate Ms. Casey’s service to our nation and welcome her to the
race, Joe Cunningham’s choice of running mate will have far less of an impact
on the campaign than his record as a left-wing, Joe-Biden Democrat who has
spent more time chasing Tik-Tok followers than working to improve the lives of
South Carolinians.

In contrast, Governor McMaster and Lt. Governor Evette have stood up to Joe
Biden’s policies that have caused exploding inflation and record gas prices,
implemented the largest tax-cut in South Carolina history, and kept our state
moving through a generational pandemic so that more South Carolinians are
working today than were in February of 2020.”

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