McMaster for Governor Campaign Announces Veterans Coalition

October 10, 2018

Coalition Co-Chaired by Adjutant General Bob Livingston & Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Jim Livingston

COLUMBIA – Today, the McMaster for Governor campaign announced a coalition of veterans from across the state who have endorsed Henry McMaster in his re-election campaign. In addition to the strong backing from veterans, the governor also announced an initial list of legislative priorities for the upcoming year, which resulted from the governor’s Veterans Policy Advisory Committee. Click here to read the report, and see below for excerpts from today’s remarks and a list of coalition members.

“The state is going definitely in the right direction economically and as far as taking care of everyone–to include our schools, to include our workers. And it’s just great to have this group of people recognizing what our governor is doing for us.” – Adjutant General Bob Livingston

“You couldn’t ask for a better economy than you have here in the state of South Carolina, and that’s what veterans are looking for. They want to come to a state, when they get out of the military, where they can get a good job. They also want to be appreciated for their service. And what we’re now doing and expanding, is we’re expanding that appreciation for our veterans through this new organization…We’ve got a program, the governor’s got a vision, and it’s been a real honor to follow him as he implements that vision.” – Maj. Gen. Jim Livingston

Veterans for McMaster Coalition

Adjutant General Robert E. Livingston, Jr.
Major General James E. Livingston, MOH, USMC (Ret.)

Steering Committee:
Major General John Bowen, USA (Ret.)
Major General Jim Chow, USAF (Ret.)
Rear Admiral James H. Flatley lll, SC Naval Militia (Ret.)
Brigadier General Darlene Goff, SCNG (Ret.)
Brigadier General H.G. Kirven, SCARNG (Ret.)
Major General Henry Morrow, USAF (Ret.)
General T. Michael Moseley, USAF (Ret.)
Lieutenant General Garry L. Parks, USMC (Ret.)
Major General Steve Siegfried, USA (Ret.)
Major General Darwin Simpson, USA (Ret.)
Brigadier General Nick Sipe, SCARNG (Ret.)
Major General Stan S. Spears, USA (Ret.)
Brigadier General James H. Tuten, SCANG (Ret.)

Bob Barkalow, SCANG (Ret.)
Hilda Barnwell, USA
Major Bob Barnwell, USA (Ret.)
Sam Beck, USN
Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bessel, USAF (Ret.)
Joe Blackwell, USAF
First Sergeant Randy Book, USA (Ret.)
Colonel Butch Bowers, SCANG
Senior Master Sergeant Al Bozard, USAF (Ret.)
Colonel Dwight Bundrick, USA (Ret.)
Representative Micah Caskey
Al Cusick, USN (Ret.)
Chief Warrant Officer Vic Dabney, USA (Ret.)
Steven Diaz, USMC
William B. Dukes, USAF
Henry Eldridge, USA
Colonel Dale Ellenburg, SCANG (Ret.)
Chip Federline, USA
Colonel Eddie Goff, SCNG (Ret.)
Master Sergeant Al Guest, USAF (Ret.)
James N. Gunter, USAF
Colonel Myron Harrington, USMC (Ret.)
Captain Dan Hennigan, USA (Ret.)
First Sergeant, Dennie Holcome, USA (Ret.)
Senior Master Sergeant Pete Holtze, USAF (Ret.)
Chief Master Sergeant Gary Jackson, SCANG (Ret.)
David Jones, USMC
Ben Kinlaw, USAF
Roy Lindsey, USA
Warren Mack, USA
Chief Master Sergeant Thomas Marshall, SCANG (Ret.)
Sergeant Robert Martin, USAF (Ret.)
Glenn McCall, USAF
Major General Thomas Mullikin, SC State Guard
Major General Laurie Newton, S.C. National Guard (Ret.)
Matt Nichols, USMC
Peter Nosal, SCARNG
Chief Master Sergeant, Howard Pees, USANG (Ret.)
Ron Plunkett, USA (Ret.)
Sean Pumphrey, USA
Captain Jerry Rovner, USN (Ret.)
William Shew, USMC
Admiral David K. Shimp SCNM (Ret.)
Colonel Lanneau Siegling, SCANG (Ret.)
Chief Master Sergeant Danny Sighter, SCARNG (Ret.)
Jim Steele, USAF (Ret.)
Jeff Stevens, USA
Lt. Colonel Jim Stroman, US Army (Ret.)
Ronald Stroud, USMC
C. Reid Sturgeon, USA
Representative Eddie Tallon
Neal Truslow, SCANG
Colonel Eli Wishart, USA (Ret.)
Representative Chris Wooten

Click here to see pictures from today’s Veterans for McMaster event.


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