McMaster for Governor Campaign Announces Statewide Educators Coalition

October 25, 2018

Coalition Chaired by Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman

COLUMBIA – Today, the McMaster for Governor campaign announced a coalition of educators from across the state who have endorsed the McMaster-Evette ticket.

“I have been honored serve the people of South Carolina alongside Governor McMaster as State Superintendent of Education. During our time in office, we have set a vision for education that every student will graduate with the knowledge, skills, and characteristics needed to be successful in college, career, and citizenship. Everyone who has joined this broad based coalition of current and former educators, school board members, students, and elected leaders shares that vision and believes that by working alongside our Governor we can meet it.” – SC Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman

“This is a great coalition. We have teachers from all over the place–some are retired, some are current. They’re in colleges, they’re in all the schools all the way down to K-12. It’s great to have this group, which represents so many of the great ideas, hopes, dreams, accomplishments, and successes for education in South Carolina. We can’t move forward unless every child receives the highest possible quality education.” – Gov. Henry McMaster

Educators for McMaster Coalition
Molly Spearman, Superintendent of Education

Chairman Rita Allison, House Education and Public Works Committee
Sharon Bynum, State Board of Education
Dr. Barbara Nielsen, Former Superintendent of Education
Lisa Van Riper, Former State Board of Education

Lindsay Agostini, School Board Member
Ronnie Allen, Teacher
Tom Audette, School Board Member
Kevin Ayers, Teacher
Kathy Bigham, Board of Trustees Vice Chair, Winthrop University
Margaret Blackwell, Retired Teacher
Janis Blocker, Retired Teacher
Bridget Bonetti, Education Administrator
Kim Bonnoitt, Teacher
Penny Bonnoitt, Former Athletic Director
Wayne Bouldin, School Board Member
Phillip Bowers, School Board Member
Joe Bowers, School Board Trustee
Michele Branning, School Board Member
Jason Brewer, Teacher
Mary Britt, Early Childhood Development
Marji Britz, Professor
Ken Buck, Retired Principal
Mark Buyck Jr., Board of Trustees, University of South Carolina
Brian Carnes, Former School Board Member
Tricia Caulder, Candidate & Current Member of School Board
Mary Chapman, Teacher
James Charles, Math Instructor
Paige Crowell, Teacher
Susan Depass, Former Librarian
Cindy Doolittle, Retired Director of Mathematics
David Douglas, Principal
Esther DuBose, Teacher
Donna Ducker, Retired Teacher
Melissa Durham, Teacher
Heather Evans, Teacher
Brent Faulkenberry, Education Advocate
Allyn Foster, Southeastern Workforce Strategies
Holly Gatling, Writing Tutor
Kizzi Gibson, Visual Art Instructor
Cindy Green, Teacher
Davy Gregg, Candidate for School Board
Terry Hardesty, School Board Member
Grace Hargis, English and Linguistics Professor
Dr. Mark Hartley, Professor
Carol Herring, Teacher
Julie Howle, Retired Teacher
Ken Howle, Retired Teacher
Terry Hutchinson, School Board Member
Alice Johnson, Teacher
Phil Jones, Teacher and Coach
Kathy Kearse, Teacher
Sherri Kennedy, Adjunct Professor
Robert Liming, Former USC Adjunct Professor
Warren Mack, Professor
Lura Marsh, Retired Teacher
Debbie Matthews, Retired Teacher
Celia McCarter, Education Advocate
Elizabeth McClean, Teacher
Starla McRae, Teacher
Bessie Meeks, Retired Teacher
Helena Miller, School Board Member
Gerald Moore, Education Consultant
Patricia Moseley, Teacher
Cyndi Campsen Mosteller, SC Public Charter School Board
Brenda Neal, Retired Teacher
Dr. Patrick Nolan, Former USC Professor
Victoria Norris, Substitute Teacher
Anne Norris, Retired Teacher
Chester Palmer, Professor
Sally Parham, Retired Teacher
Joan Pennstrom, Headmaster
Thomas Price, Substitute Teacher
Angela Prosser, Teacher
Judy Rea, Associate Professor
Ed Rea, Associate Professor
DeLinda Ridings, Retired Teacher
Cindy Risher, School Board Member
Marion Shaw, Athletic Director
Dr. Dorn Smith, Board of Trustees, University of South Carolina
Marsha Smith, Teacher
Sissy Smith, Teacher
Alvin Staley, Art Teacher
Melvin Stroble, School Board Member
Sandra Stroman, Former School Board Member
Martha Sturgeon, Retired Teacher
Dino Teppara, Special Education Attorney
Kevin Thomas, Charter School Co-Founder
Dorris Thomas, Retired Teacher
Jewel Timmons, Teacher
Spencer Tyner, Teacher
Jean Vetter, Retired Teacher
Bill Vetter, Retired Teacher and Administrator
Lynn Viets, Retired Teacher
Rob Watts, Teacher
Mal Weatherly, Home School Teacher
Georgiana Wester, Retired Teacher
Joan Wilcox, Retired Teacher
Allen Wood, Board of Trustees Emeritus, Clemson University
Ashton Young, Early Childhood Education


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