McMaster for Governor: Week in Review

May 19, 2018

This afternoon Governor McMaster spoke with voters at a Saluda County Republican Party Stump Meeting. And in case you missed it, this morning the Post & Courier reported that the governor will have a meeting and dinner with President Trump at the White House on Monday.

For highlights from Team Henry Mac’s week on the campaign trail, see our recap below.

NRA Offers Gov. Henry McMaster Exclusive Endorsement

  • What they did…On Thursday, NRA-PVF Chairman Chris Cox sent Governor McMaster a letter, offering the group’s exclusive endorsement in the upcoming primary election. In a statement accompanying the endorsement letter, Chairman Cox praised the governor’s years of public service saying, “Gov. McMaster has staunchly defended the Second Amendment from encroachment on the local, state, and federal level. Thanks to his efforts, South Carolina’s concealed carry permit holders are able to protect themselves and their families.”
  • What we’re saying about it… Despite what the other candidates may tout, the nation’s leading Second Amendment group found one candidate fit for endorsement in this primary: Governor Henry McMaster. Upon receiving the endorsement, the governor released the following statement: “The rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment are vital to the strength of our nation and the security of our people. The NRA is a highly-respected organization, and I am proud to receive their endorsement.”
  • Read about it… “NRA Endorses McMaster in South Carolina Governor’s Race,” AP

Team SC Celebrates 100,000 Jobs

  • What we did… Yesterday, the governor announced that Team South Carolina has added more than 100,000 new jobs since Nikki Haley took office in 2011. The governor has safeguarded her legacy by adding nearly 19,000 new jobs and almost $6 billion in investment since taking office, and he’s working daily to recruit new businesses to our state.
  • What he’s saying about it… “When she took office in 2011, Nikki Haley and her team went right to work creating jobs for the people of our great state and she helped set South Carolina on a path towards great economic prosperity. I’m proud to continue Ambassador Haley’s economic development efforts and to work every day to create opportunities for South Carolinians. Today truly is a great day in South Carolina.” – Governor Henry McMaster

We Back the Blue

  • What he did… This week, Governor McMaster gave the keynote address at the highway patrol graduation, recognized men in women in uniform for Military Spouse Appreciation Month, and attended a law enforcement breakfast in Greenville.
  • What we’re saying about it… The governor is the only candidate in this race with a background in law enforcement. He stands firm with our law enforcement officials and veterans because he has unique understandings of the resources and support they need to carry out their duties.
  • What he’s saying about it… “South Carolina has a rich military tradition that we are proud of, but those brave men and women who choose to serve don’t serve alone – they leave behind families and spouses that truly serve as the backbone of our military forces. We thank these spouses and their families for their support they provide our men and women in uniform because, without them, our country and our state would not be as strong as it is today.” – Gov. Henry McMaster

On the Airwaves

  • What we did… This week, McMaster for Governor released two new ads. The first spot, Friends, highlights who Catherine Templeton claims to be and what her record really shows. Despite claiming to be a “conservative outsider,” this ad reminds voters that Catherine voted for a liberal Democrat over Nikki Haley and that she is embracing millions of dollars in support from one the biggest Never-Trump groups of the presidential election. The second spot, First, highlights the governor’s successes so far: more than 18,000 new jobs, banning state dollars to Planned Parenthood, instituting Medicaid work requirements, and preventing sanctuary cities.
  • What we’re saying about it… “Of course the Templeton campaign has heartburn from us telling the truth about Catherine’s record. When Catherine Templeton cast her vote for Vincent Sheheen she made it clear that she wanted a Democrat to be governor instead of Nikki Haley, and her embrace of a group that spent millions of dollars trying to stop President Trump from being elected shows who her true friends are. Catherine Templeton can pay lip service to being a conservative outsider, but she can’t deny the simple truth: she didn’t support Nikki Haley when she ran for governor and she and her friends didn’t support President Trump until it became politically expedient.” – Caroline Anderegg, McMaster for Governor spokeswoman
  • Read about it… “GOP candidate Catherine Templeton’s ‘friends’ targeted in new SC governor ad,” The State

The Governor & The Grand Strand

  • What he did… On Wednesday, Governor McMaster spent time with Grand Strand voters in Horry and Georgetown counties. He also joined the “Hot Talk Morning Show” on 99.5FM in Myrtle Beach to talk about some of the successes he’s had in his first year and a half as governor: massive job growth, pushing the Superintendent of Education reform measure across the finish line, and passing sanctuary cities legislation–among others.
  • What they’re saying about it… The Grand Strand knows that the governor has their back and understands the local issues that have a day-to-day impact on their lives. It is for that reason that he has earned the support of North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley, Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune, and Former Pawleys Island Mayor Bill Otis. At his campaign stop in Horry County, Mayor Hatley had the following to say: “We have a governor who understands those issues…That’s the kind of governor we’ve got–who works for Horry County.”
  • Listen here… Henry McMaster on Hot Talk 99.5 FM

Team McMaster On the Trail

  • What we did… Governor McMaster and his running mate Pamela Evette made campaign stops in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Pawleys Island, Myrtle Beach, Greenville, and Saluda.
  • Check it out…

Gov. McMaster addresses Lowcountry Republican Women groups

Gov. McMaster welcomes supporters at Charleston Young Professionals campaign event

Gov. McMaster takes questions from voters at Charleston County GOP meeting

Gov. McMaster with a supporter at Georgetown County GOP meeting

Gov. McMaster takes questions from voters at Georgetown GOP meeting

Gov. McMaster with supporters at Horry County & Grand Strand GOPs meeting

Pamela Evette at the Greenville County Republican Women Club

Gov. McMaster speaks to supporters at the Saluda GOP Stump Meeting


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