Military Leaders Endorse Governor Henry McMaster​

June 19, 2018

COLUMBIA – This afternoon, South Carolina Adjutant General Robert Livingston endorsed Governor Henry McMaster for re-election. He joined Medal of Honor recipient Major General Bob Livingston, USMC (Ret.) in giving his full backing to Governor McMaster. Watch Adjutant General Bob Livingston’s endorsement and Major General Jim Livingston’s endorsement, and read excerpts from their statements below.

“I’m Bob Livingston, I’m the last popularly elected adjutant-general in the United States. I am also head of the South Carolina National Guard, one of the best national guards in the nation. I’m endorsing Henry McMaster for the governor of state of South Carolina. I have served with Governor McMaster for over 17 months in his capacity as governor and I’ve known him for over 10 years. I am impressed by what he does in the way he does it. I was born and raised here, my children live here, my grandchildren live here, the soldiers and airmen that I serve with and their families live here. I want what’s best for them and I’m looking forward to having Henry McMaster as our next governor of the state of South Carolina.” – Major General Bob Livingston, South Carolina Adjutant General

“He’s a leader, he’s a visionary, and he’s a man of great integrity. And he’s a man that cares about all of you…He’s a man that can go to Washington, can sit down in the White House, and look at our great president in the eyes and say ‘I need help.’ That’s demonstrated by the $49 million he just got for the Port–that’s the kind of leadership.” – Major General Jim Livingston, USMC (Ret.), Medal of Honor recipient


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