NFIB Endorses McMaster for Governor

September 6, 2022

CHARLESTON, SC — During an event held at Wulbern-Koval Co., a veteran-owned small business founded in 1970, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) announced its endorsement of Governor Henry McMaster for a second full term.

Wulbern-Koval provides office furniture, interior design, and office supplies on federal, state, and healthcare contracts. The company employs 52 full-time members, and operates out of a company-owned 60,000 square foot facility in downtown Charleston.

NFIB State Director Ben Homeyer made the announcement today at Wulbern-Koval Co, a 50-year NFIB member. NFIB advocates for the interests of small businesses around South Carolina, and has a grassroots membership that is thousands-strong.

“Governor McMaster has been an unwavering supporter of small business beginning when he served as attorney general and continuing through his first term as governor,” Homeyer said.  “Governor McMaster threaded the needle when it came to South Carolina’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Governor McMaster’s leadership helped protect both lives and livelihoods, and he has kept South Carolina’s economy strong despite global challenges such as inflation and disruptions in the supply chain.”

The governor and lieutenant governor, who were both on hand for the event, were grateful for NFIB’s endorsement.

“I am honored to have the trust and confidence in this campaign and of so many small business owners and employees, who are the backbone of our economy,” said Gov. McMaster. “They fight alongside the NFIB to make it easier to realize the dream of owning and growing a business in our state. When the pandemic hit, we kept businesses, just like this one, open because we knew following the so-called experts in Washington would cost us dearly. Working together with small businesses across South Carolina, we have the wind at our back, and we can’t stop now – we have to continue to reduce the cost of doing business here, from cutting taxes to slashing red tape, and that’s exactly what we’ll do as long as I’m governor.”

“I founded Quality Business Solutions from the ground up and I’m proud of the success we’ve had. I know what it’s like to make a payroll, with people who count on you to make ends meet,” said Lt. Governor Evette. “That’s why it’s important for government to be an ally – not an enemy – for business owners like myself.”

Earlier this year, Homeyer praised the governor for delivering tax relief to small businesses and other South Carolinians:

“Our members are grateful to Gov. Henry McMaster for signing S. 1087 and to both the House and Senate for working together to craft legislation that’s going to help everyone during these difficult days,” Homeyter said. “It’s been a rough two years for South Carolina’s small businesses, beginning with the pandemic and continuing to the present day with supply chain and labor issues, higher fuel costs and inflation. This legislation is going to help small business owners and everyone else in the state by simplifying South Carolina’s tax code, reducing income and property tax rates and providing a $1 billion tax rebate to provide immediate financial relief when people need it most.”

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