Out of touch much?

July 20, 2018

Smith hires Hillary Clinton staffer, gun control activist

Last month it was Dems in Disarray, with reports that James Smith was losing his top two campaign staffers–cycling through his third campaign manager.

Today, James Smith announced he’s finally filling the position with a former Hillary Clinton staffer and gun control activist, according to a report by The State:

Most recently the campaign manager for U.S. Senate candidate Jenny Wilson of Utah, Hogan is a gun control activist who helped organize voters in 2016 for Clinton’s presidential run.

Smith’s new campaign chief was a state director for “Everytown for For Gun Safety” — an organization best known for spreading fake statistics to politicize the tragedy in Parkland, FL, earlier this year– and organizer for Hillary Clinton, who South Carolinians roundly rejected in 2016.

After a primary of trying to outflank his ultra-liberal opponents on gun control, and vocally opposing a measure that would protect South Carolinians’ constitutionally-protected Second Amendment rights, this move signals Smith is doubling down on his anti-gun credentials. With this nod to the far Left wing of his party, we look forward to showing South Carolinians just how out of touch and wrong James Smith is for the future of the state.


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