Video Exposes Never Trump Forces Behind Catherine Templeton in South Carolina

March 13, 2018


By: Ben Kew

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A new video by Gov. Henry McMaster (SC) exposes the Never Trump forces funding his primary challenger Catherine Templeton in South Carolina’s upcoming gubernatorial election.

The video, obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, shows Templeton’s ads as funded by the American Future Fund, a group that funded multiple attack ads against Donald Trump in the recent presidential election.

In 2016 alone, the organization spent $6.7 million in attacks against Trump, describing him as a “fraud,” “a phony,” and a “B.S. artist.”

“It should come as no surprise that one of the most anti-Trump groups of the 2016 election is supporting Catherine Templeton, who is known for flip-flopping and twisting the truth,” said McMaster’s campaign spokeswoman Caroline Anderegg in a statement to Breitbart News.

She added, “Henry McMaster stood by our president while he sustained a barrage of attacks and insults from Catherine and her allies, and he stands with our president now. After seeing this group’s bogus Trump attacks once before, South Carolina voters know better than to trust them to tell them the truth about Catherine Templeton.”

As Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, McMaster was the first statewide elected official anywhere in America to endorse Trump’s candidacy while that statewide officeholder was currently in office. McMaster later replaced Nikki Haley as South Carolina’s governor when she was appointed to her U.N Ambassador’s role at the beginning of the administration.

McMaster was a standout on the campaign trail with Trump in the “First in the South” state of South Carolina in the primaries, when establishment forces were still shocked by his New Hampshire win. He campaigned up and down South Carolina with Trump, solidifying the now president’s second state win in the primaries, clearing a glide path for Trump to the nomination as he gobbled up delegates in other states easily after winning both New Hampshire and South Carolina.

McMaster was even at Trump’s side when Trump was battling with the Republican National Committee (RNC) while the official party structure was resisting his eventual nomination – at a time during a press conference in Hanahan, South Carolina, that was memorable for Trump praising Breitbart News’s Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle…

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