Where is Joe Cunningham?

September 20, 2022

COLUMBIA, SC — Vice President Kamala Harris visits South Carolina today,
and there is all the reason in the world to expect Democrats to celebrate her

After all, she is the second most powerful and famous Democrat in the country –
and she has a brand new Biden inflation law to brag about, among other issues
to discuss.

So, what time will she appear with Democratic nominee for governor Joe
Cunningham? Good question. The Biden Administration candidate for governor
has been dead silent about what his plans are for the vice president’s visit.

“Even though he endorsed Biden, not long after embracing an endorsement
from Biden, Joe Cunningham consistently runs and hides from questions about
disastrous Biden policies,” said McMaster-Evette campaign manager Mark
Knoop. “But today’s question should be easier. With the vice president in town:
where is Joe?”

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