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James Smith: Reactionary and Wrong

September 19, 2018

Smith’s “childish, middle school finger pointing” comes back to bite him

Element Electronics announcement that it received an exemption from tariffs yesterday left James Smith with egg on his face–again.

When James initially used Element’s potential woes in attempt to score political points, Fairfield Senator Mike Fanning–a Democrat–criticized his antics, calling the decision to use vulnerable jobs as a press conference prop to score political points “childish, middle school finger pointing.” Fanning went on to praise Governor McMaster as the “single, most-ready partner” to bring jobs to Fairfield County, where Element is based. Read More

James Smith Getting Cozy with Clinton BFF Terry McAuliffe

September 5, 2018

James Smith tapped 2020 liberal Democrat hopeful Terry McAuliffe to headline a swanky DC fundraiser for his campaign last night.

The former governor of Virginia has, by his own admission, been “best friends” with Bill and Hillary Clinton–who called 55% of South Carolinians backwards–for more than three decades and has taken family vacations with them for years. Read More

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