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"I am fighting to lead South Carolina to our fullest potential for generations to come."

Because of his expertise and his unimpeachable reputation within the insurance industry, Director Farmer has been recognized by his peers across the country as one of the best in the business. (1/2)

SC Governor Press@scgovernorpress

Director Raymond G. Farmer to Continue to Lead S.C. Department of Insurance

Duane Parrish’s world-wide marketing and branding campaigns have taken South Carolina’s tourism industry to levels of growth and success never before achieved. His leadership has transformed our state park system into the jewel of the southeast, (1/2)

SC Governor Press@scgovernorpress

Director Duane Parrish to Continue to Lead S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Nearly two years ago, Director Pough took on a tremendous challenge when he agreed to become the next director of DJJ and he has led with one goal in mind – fulfilling the agency’s mission of rehabilitating and providing opportunities for the juveniles in its care. (1/3)

SC Governor Press@scgovernorpress

Director Freddie B. Pough to Continue to Lead S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice

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